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I’m brand new to this site and while idly browsing through it I chanced upon a familiar name from the past, A. O. H. Duval [Re. De Kleine Vaart by Theo Horsten – 25 Jan 2018]. Such a surprise!
I met Tony, and had business dealings with him, while I worked for McDermott in Dubai, I think around 1979. Tony was then working for Matthews-Daniel, Graham Miller (Middle East) Ltd. In fact, he had been deputed from Mat-Dan’s Houston headquarters to establish a Matthews-Daniel presence in the U.A.E. (and more generally, in the Arabian Gulf region). As I recall, Tony initially rented an office and “staff residence” in Sharjah, from which he immediately began to service owners /insurers using AHI in Ajman, ETPM (Sharjah), McDermott (Dubai), and the several drilling and offshore service companies that supported their Gulf operations from the southern emirates . Once he’d recruited a competent surveyor (Capt. John Wallwork, and later, Capt. Mike Bath) he relocated to Abu Dhabi and opened the primary office in the Shaikha Mariam Building. While all will remember him for his energy and very Dutch humor, I came to respect and greatly value him for his high sense of ethics and his deep knowledge.
In the Gulf back in those days, many owners and operators would, purposely or subconsciously – I cannot say, look for the more “flexible” and “open minded” marine surveyors for statement of fact condition surveys, cargo stowage surveys, trip-in-tow surveys, damage surveys, and the like, and back then, the marketplace was populated with many such enterprising independent marine surveyors. Tony Duval stood out head and shoulders above that crowd. He neither gave nor expected compliments, favors or gifts. Rather, he carried out his duties in a no-nonsense manner in reliance on his substantial professional experience and native pragmatism. He did not accept “B.S.” from those he dealt with and he did not offer “B.S.” to them. I learned much from Tony Duval (though not any Dutch) and I continue to value the opportunity I had to work with him.

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Re: De Kleine Vaart

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Welcome DXBob

As you've seen, we only know Tony from the tales by Theo Horsten, our highly appreciated member who unfortunately signed-on onto the NeverComeBackLine last year…
Theo always spoke very highly about Tony, in the same superlatives as you do. And Theo's word was already enough for us to understand the man.
Making your way through these pages, you'll soon find that Theo mentioned him several times, even found a picture of the house Tony lived in...
I hope you find at Kombuispraat what you're looking for… If any questions arise, just holler !
And Google-translate may come in handy... :-D
Oost, west...ook best

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